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Does the solar motor produce any electricity ?

No, it is not the vocation of our motor. SAUREA innovation is the direct conversion of solar energy into mechanical energy (no wear parts, no electronics).

The sun shines, motor turns and drives system of pumping, ventilation...

However, it is possible to drive an alternator.

Does the SAUREA motor run at night ?

No, it's a solar motor, it works over the sun.

SAUREA, what does this mean ?

S.AU.RE.A = Solar AUtonomous Reliable Applications 

What are the measures of SAUREA motor ?

The dimensions are : Diameter : 70 cm / Height : 22 cm

What is the weight of SAUREA motor ?

The weight of SAUREA motor is 21 kg.

What does it cost ?

We are studying your project to propose the most suitable solution according to the wished use. 

Do not hesitate to contact us !

I have a field with a water hole off-grid. Could I use the SAUREA motor ?

YES, the SAUREA motor is totally adapted to off-grid sites. To answer precisely, we need to know the location, the distance between water point and use point, the water point depth,the volume of your stocking tank (Length x width x height)


(Consult us for specification sheet to complete)

I have a pond. I would like to fit out the shores, vegetate walls and irrigate them with a drip system. Could I use the SAUREA motor ?

Yes, it is possible to couple the SAUREA motor with a pump and to feed a drip irrigation system during the day or to stock water in a tank to be able to irrigate outside sunny periods.

What can I drive with the SAUREA motor ?

The SAUREA motor can drive : a pump, a fan, a water aeration system, an air extraction turbine, a kneaders, a mixer, a huller, a breaker, a centrifuge, a misting system, a grinder, a wheel, an extractor, an injector, a pounding system...

Can we store energy with the SAUREA motor ?

NO, the SAUREA motor do not provide electricity nor store energy. However, on a pumping application, you can add a tank to store water.

Has the motor to be connected to photovoltaic panels ?

YES, it’s thanks to the connection to photovoltaic panels that the SAUREA motor reaches it’s maximal power.

Where can I buy the SAUREA motor ?