SAUREA allows the sustainable access to free energy. Solar energy is available in quantity, it’s a clean energy.


The SAUREA motor is a sustainable product (20 years without maintenance, no wear parts, no electronics).It lasts in time. SAUREA makes solar energy affordable.


The solar solution is a double challenge : Fight against poverty & climate change.


Solar energy is a renewable energy. The motor replaces the human driving force / hand operation.

SAUREA allows feeder village to live and grow. It brings water and food. It brings better conditions of hygiene, health and life. It’s the development of small productions, new economic activities. It’s the empowerment of women.


The durability of SAUREA motor makes systems more reliable. The mechanical power output can drive a system which : pumps, mists, irrigates, crushes, grinds, pounds, spins, cuts, centrifuges, ventilates…